Are you interested in tabletop RPG gaming, but don’t know where to start? Look no further! The Chronicles of Ember Starter Set has everything you need to start gaming right now!

There’s nothing else to buy – no add-ons, no extra books, heck, we even throw in a set of dice! This box is all you need to play any Chronicles of Ember adventure and it comes with everything you see here!

All 8 playable characters!
An easy, pared down set of rules to get you playing right away!
One of these awesome official adventures (selected at random)!
And of course there’s a set of dice! These were just recovered from a portal to Ember at great expense. We haven’t even had time to clean off the blood!*

*Calm down, Karen. It’s not real blood.


There are even some extras thrown in for fun! The Chronicles of Ember Starter Set goes on sale July AUGUST 1st, 2020!

(We regret the delay, but Covid-19 concerns have left the printing house short-staffed, resulting in a 20+ business day lead time on all orders. Don’t worry, you can still pre-order the Starter Set and know that we’ll take care of you.)

The Starter Set is now live! Click the button to the left to get your copy now!