Welcome to Ember!

Welcome to the newest, most brutal, and furriest tabletop RPG ever!


The Chronicles of Ember Roleplaying Game allows you to create and play the fuzziest heroes of your imagination!

The world is cold and dying. Civilization holds on as best it can against the relentless winter that knows no end. All around, the bones of forerunner civilizations dot the landscape as silent reminders that time waits for no one. However, there are those who would not go quietly into the coming night. Wield powerful swords as a warrior as you pick your opponents apart through skill at arms, call down divine retribution against evil-doers as a specialty priest, sling earth-shattering spells and seek forgotten knowledge as a student of the arcane arts, defeat cunning and deadly traps as a shifty rogue with a deadly blade, or venture forth as one of many other amazing classes available for play. It’s all up to you, just as it should be!

The Chronicles of Ember boasts 15 classes, 18 races, and a huge 408-page Player’s Guide to get you started making the character you’ve always wanted to play. Loosely based on the AD&D 2nd Edition ruleset, the best portions and traditions have been carried forward, while brand-new mechanics have been integrated for an entirely new experience. It has been designed with an older crowd in mind, but anyone can enjoy it, regardless of age.

The Chronicles of Ember Loremaster’s Guide is coming soon, filled with advice, rules, monsters, spells, and magic items to bring your games to life! But that’s not to say that the game isn’t ready! Believe me, any semi-experienced game master will be able to run everything from a one-shot adventure to a full-fledged campaign with just these rules. But for those who demand them, they’re coming!

And speaking of things to come, Campaign Packs will get your group right into the bitterly cold world, with the first being the Grand Dutchy of Andromar (available soon)!

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